What Is a Good Solitaire Score?

Solitaires Team • March 7, 2024

In Solitaire, particularly in the classic Klondike version, the score is a numerical value that represents how well a player performs based on their moves throughout the game. The scoring system can vary depending on the particular version of Solitaire and its rules, but there is a general idea of how scoring typically works in many digital and physical versions of Klondike Solitaire. This kind of Solitaire score counting is also used on Solitaires.

Scoring in Solitaire

The objective in scoring Solitaire is not just to win the game by clearing all cards onto the foundation piles but also to maximize one's score through strategic moves and efficiency. High scores in Solitaire are often sought after in competitive Solitaire play, where players aim to not only win but win with the best possible score.

So, how are Klondike Solitaire scores calculated? Let's take a look at how moves can influence your score.

Moves in Solitaire

Score per move

Moving a card to the foundation


Turning over a face-down card


Moving a card from the waste pile to the tableau


Moving a card from the foundation to the tableau


Recycling through the stockpile *


*In different versions of Solitaire, cycling through the stockpile can affect your score differently, with penalties ranging from -100 to -20 points, or having no impact at all on the score.

In some digital Solitaire games, scoring can also include:

  • Time bonuses or penalties: Completing Solitaire faster may earn extra points or, conversely, taking too long may reduce your score gradually over time.
  • Efficiency bonuses: Using the fewest amount of moves to complete the game might result in bonus points, rewarding efficiency.

What Is Solitaire Highest Score?

In versions of Solitaire with a standard scoring system, without considering time bonuses, a perfect game might score 745 points, assuming efficient Solitaire strategies. However, when including time bonuses, especially in digital versions where completing the game more quickly can significantly increase your score, players can achieve scores in the thousands.

What is a “Good” Score for Spider Solitaire?

A "good" score in Spider Solitaire can vary significantly based on several factors, including the difficulty level (number of suits used), the specific scoring system of the version you're playing, and your own personal skill level. In many versions of Spider Solitaire, you start with a certain score, often 500 points. The objective is to maximize your score by completing the game in the least number of moves possible.

Scoring in Spider Solitaire

Moves in Solitaire

Score per move

In-suit stack completing


Each move (including the use of an undo button)


So, what is the highest possible score in Spider Solitaire?

Determining the highest score in Spider Solitaire can depend on the specific rules of the version you're playing. However, the goal is always to complete the game in the least amount of moves. This enables a potential highest score in Spider Solitaire of 1256.

Remember, a "good" score is also subjective and can depend on your personal improvement over time. Setting personal bests and improving your strategy with each game is a good measure of success in Spider Solitaire.

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