How Long Does a Game of Solitaire Take?

Solitaires Team • March 7, 2024

Few individuals have not experienced playing Solitaire. We got to know it digitally back in the early 90s when it was first provided together in Windows and with the advent of online platforms such as Solitaires where you can play in your browser, playing a game or two during a break at work, in traffic or at home after a long day seems like a great way to relax and reboot your brain. But, how long does a typical game take? Many players often wonder, "What is a good Solitaire time?" This question is more than just about beating the clock; it's about understanding the rhythm and flow of this classic card game. 

What Is the Average Time for a Game of Solitaire?

The average time for a game of Solitaire, specifically the classic Klondike version, can greatly differ, influenced by factors such as the player's expertise, the particular variant being played, and the strategy used. For most players, a single game of Klondike Solitaire can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to complete. This time frame assumes the player is moderately experienced and does not employ advanced strategies that could either shorten or lengthen the game duration.

We have analyzed about 300,000 games of Klondike Solitaire played on the Solitaires platform and found out the average as well as the minimum time that players spend per game.

Social Statistics on Solitaires

Average Time

Fastest Game

Klondike Turn 1

3 min 41 sec

23 sec

Klondike Turn 3

3 min 8 sec

52 sec

Beginners might find that their games take longer, possibly up to 20 minutes or more, as they familiarize themselves with the Solitaire rules and develop strategies. On the other hand, experienced players can often complete a game in under 5 minutes. It's important to note that playing Solitaire online or on a computer can also affect game length, as automatic moves and hints can speed up gameplay.

What Is the Fastest Solitaire Game Ever?

The fastest Solitaire game ever recorded, particularly for the classic Klondike version, is difficult to pinpoint with absolute certainty due to the variety of platforms and informal settings in which people play. However, in digital Solitaire, there have been instances of games completed in astonishingly short durations.

The Solitaire world record was set by an Australian gamer known by the handle “DDos-Dan.” In 2015, he achieved an extraordinary feat by completing a round of the classic 1990 PC game Solitaire in an astonishingly fast time of just 8 seconds. This record, recognized by the Guinness World Records, was set in the game's "Turn One" mode, which is often considered a faster variant of Solitaire due to its less restrictive drawing mechanics.

An equally impressive feat exists with physical card play. Playing Solitaire with physical cards introduces challenges, such as the physical manipulation of the cards, which demands precise and swift movements. In 1991, Stephen Twigge of West Yorkshire, England, completed the fastest Solitaire game with physical cards in a lightning-fast time of 10.0 seconds.

Can Every Solitaire Game be Won?

Before wondering how to win Solitaire in 30 seconds, it should be mentioned that not every Solitaire game can be won. Solitaire, particularly its most famous variant, Klondike, involves a significant element of luck due to the initial deal of the cards. About 79% of Klondike Solitaire games are winnable, but this percentage can vary depending on the specific rules and variations being played. This blend of unpredictability and Solitaire strategy is what makes the game and its various iterations endlessly engaging.

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