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Solitaires - Play Solitaire Online

Solitaires - Play Solitaire Online

Play Solitaire anytime and anywhere, as it is now available online for free on Solitaires with no download needed. Winning this single-player game requires focus, problem-solving, and strategic thinking. Try a variety of Solitaire versions, each offering a unique challenge and gaming experience. Boost your problem-solving prowess while crafting winning strategies for each game. Move cards within the tableau according to specific rules and enjoy endless hours of fun without spending a dime.

What Is Solitaire?

Solitaire origins trace back centuries, thought to have originated in France during the 18th century. From the quiet parlors of aristocrats to modern digital screens, Solitaire has adapted and evolved, captivating hearts across generations.

Now, Solitaire online offers an easily accessible Solitaires platform for anyone craving a quick mental challenge or a moment of relaxation. The best part? Free Solitaire does not require downloads! A simple click allows you to play a game of Solitaire, keeping your device clutter-free. So, join the millions worldwide and play Solitaire today!

How to Play Solitaire?

To play Solitaire online is now super convenient as it is available for free on Solitaires with no download required. If you play Solitaire on a PC or smartphone, the game flow is very simple to understand.

Solitaire Layouts

The first necessary step is understanding the Solitaire layout. Basically, it comprises four areas:

  • Tableau — The biggest area with rows made of 28 cards in total. All the main moves are made here.
  • Stock — It is the rest of the deck used when players run out of moves in the tableau.
  • Waste (talon) — It contains cards you revealed from stock but decided not to use at the moment.
  • Foundation — In the beginning, these are the four empty cells that must get completely filled with piles by suit.

Solitaire Rules

The goal of Solitaire games is to arrange the cards from the tableau and stock into four foundation piles according to suits while following several Solitaire rules:

  • The foundation piles need to be constructed in a sequence that ascends from aces to kings.
  • Initially, only one card in every row is face-up.
  • When making moves, you can only put a card to the next higher-ranking card of an opposite color.
  • You can move either separate cards or the whole sequence if they meet the rule of an alternation.
  • Once the card is moved, the face-down card that was beneath it should be revealed.
  • To get more cards, you can use stock. Unused cards go to waste and can only be revealed during the next round.
  • If a column gets empty, only a king can be placed there.

Types of Klondike Solitaire

Most commonly, when talking about Solitaire, people are referring specifically to Klondike Solitaire. Klondike Solitaire also has several slight variations in rules, starting from the turn one and turn three modifications to having limited chances to go through the stockpile.

Klondike Solitaire Turn One

Klondike Solitaire turn 1 is the most accessible and widely played version of free Solitaire. In this variant, players draw one card at a time from the stockpile, making it easier to find moves and plan strategies.

Klondike Solitaire Turn 3

For those seeking more challenge, Klondike Solitaire turn 3 ups the ante. In this variant, players draw three cards at a time from the stockpile, but can only play the top card from this set.

Hard Solitaire

Hard Solitaire takes the challenge to the next level. The rules are similar to the 3 card Solitaire, but it's more difficult, so it's perfect for those who consider themselves masters of the classic Solitaire.

5 Most Effective Solitaire Tips

Even though not all Solitaire games are winnable, you cannot know it in advance. Still, the majority of Solitaire games can be won if you know some tips. Check some of the most important ones below.

Check the Rules

Even though most Solitaire rules remain the same from one app to another, there might be variations. Read the instructions first or try a couple of games slowly and carefully just to explore the available options.

Use the Tableau Cards First

Before turning to stock, have a careful look at the main Solitaire layout. Remember that you can move not just single cards but sequences if they meet the ranking and alternate-color criteria. Check each column and each row for possible moves.

Play Bigger Columns First

Whenever you have a choice of taking, for example, a red five from the second or the seventh column, it is recommended to choose the latter one. It will help you reveal new cards without potentially emptying a column. If you clear the column without having a king, it decreases your playability.

Avoid Empty Cells

It's important to remember that the goal of the Solitaire game is to build foundation piles, not to clear the columns. If you have an empty cell but don’t have any available king, you shorten the opportunities for making moves because you lack one or more of the existing seven columns.

Mind the Suits

While the alternating guideline requires you to pay attention to colors, we also encourage you to mind the suits. It is easier to complete the foundations if your sequence is mostly built of two suits, not all four.

Other Types of Free Solitaire

The world of free Solitaire offers a rich and varied gaming experience. The ease of accessing Solitaire online with no download further enhances its appeal, allowing both beginners and advanced players to enjoy the game.


The FreeCell Solitaire game is a simpler version of classic Solitaire. It has all 52 cards in the tableau face-up from the very beginning and provides four empty cells placed in the top left corner instead of the stock and waste piles. Play FreeCell Solitaire and have a higher percentage of winnable games on Solitaires.


The name Pyramid Solitaire comes from the form of the layout. To arrange it, players place one card at the top of the pyramid, then two cards overlap it, and such ascending rows continue till the foundation row of seven cards. You win when all the cards are placed in the foundation pile.

Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is known for its higher level of complexity and strategic depth. There are three main variations of Spider Solitaire that can be played on Solitaires, differing in the number of suits used. In Spider Solitaire, one suit simplifies the game while 2 suits require players to be more strategic, as they now need to manage two different suits in the tableau. The 4 suits variant represents the ultimate challenge.

Scorpion Solitaire

Scorpion Solitaire is a variation of the traditional free Solitaire but has its own unique highlights. The aim of the game is simple and at the same time challenging: arrange all the cards in descending order from king to ace of the same suit.

Solitaire is sure to capture your attention, as several generations of players have already experienced. Sharpen your technique in the classic edition and explore fresh variants of this card game on Solitaires.