Dinosaur T-Rex Game - Play Online

Start your adventure with the Dinosaur T-Rex Game, now ready for you to play online on Solitaires. The Dinosaur T-Rex game is a simple yet addictive game. It’s a replica of the famous Chrome Dino Game, hidden within Google Chrome's no internet error page. By pressing the spacebar or tapping on the screen, the game activates, and the T-Rex starts running. Play the Dinosaur T-Rex Game today and see how far you can run!

How to Play Dinosaur Game

Playing the Dinosaur T-Rex Game is straightforward and fun. Check out its simple rules.

  • Start: To begin the game simply press the spacebar when you see the dinosaur.
  • Jump: Press the spacebar to get T-Rex jumping over the cacti. The longer you keep pressing, the higher the dinosaur jumps.
  • Duck: To dodge the flying pterodactyls, press the down arrow key. This can help you avoid getting hit and keep the game going.
  • Score: Your score increases as you cover more distance. Aim to last as long as you can to achieve the highest score possible.

As you advance in the game, the speed increases, making the game more challenging. You must react swiftly to evade obstacles. If you hit an obstacle and the game ends, you can usually start again by pressing the spacebar.

Why Dinosaur T-Rex Game Is So Addictive

The Dinosaur T-Rex Game's charm lies in its simplicity and the instant satisfaction it provides. With its simple controls, it's the ideal game for quick play sessions. Tap the spacebar and start playing the Dinosaur T-Rex Game online.