The Apple Vision Pro Is a Hefty $3,499. What Else Could You Buy With That Amount?

Dmitry Kandratsyeu • February 13, 2024

Apple Vision Pro

We all know that the latest gadgets come with hefty price tags. And Apple products are certainly no exception. Why people stand in long lines for hours to spend a month’s salary on the newest gadget is anyone’s guess.

This brings us to the tech giant’s newest release, the Apple Vision Pro. It’s a VR/AR headset that turns all of your Apple apps and devices into a Tony Stark paradise. For this kind of luxury and experience, you’ll be paying $3,499. And that’s for the base model.

This is not a review. This is an idea of what else you can get for $3,499 to bring the cost of new technology into perspective.

Beyond the Tech: the World Awaits

Imagine the experiences you could have instead of owning another piece of tech. Sure, you’re alive using the Apple Vision Pro. But are you living?

Let’s embark on a digital journey to look at five remarkable destinations where two people can travel on the Apple Vision Pro's budget.

Paris, France

Flight: A round-trip flight sits around $1,000-$1,200. 

Accommodation: Lodging starts from $130 a day. 

Activities: Embrace romance in Paris with visits to renowned museums, exquisite dining, iconic shopping districts, and immortal landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

Paris, France
Paris, France

Rome, Italy

Flight: Nab that round-trip fare for $900-$1,100. 

Accommodation: Opt for stays starting at $100 per day. 

Discoveries: Rome offers a step back in time with its ancient ruins and a taste of Italian life through local excursions and phenomenal cuisine. Make a pilgrimage to the Vatican or explore the Blue Zone that is Sardinia. Milan, the world's fashion capital, is just a few hours away.

Rome, Italy
Rome, Italy

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Flight: Escape to paradise for $600-$800. 

Accommodation: Your retreat can be as little as $50 a day. 

Pleasures: Surrender to tranquillity with sun-soaked beaches, eco-adventures, and tropical pleasures. Pack light for this trip. The Dominican is an island paradise that doesn’t get cold. It’s perfect for a wintertime getaway.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Cancun, Mexico

Flight: Just $600 gets you there and back. 

Accommodation: Budget-friendly options from $60 daily. 

Experiences: Dive, surf, and indulge in the coastal charm of Cancún, from marine life encounters to luxe relaxation. Explore the legendary bars and enjoy crystal clear waters and quiet beaches.

Cancun, Mexico
Cancun, Mexico

Canary Islands, Spain

Flight: Set forth for around $500 for a round trip. 

Accommodation: Begin from $90 a day. 

Adventures: Just 60 miles off the coast of Morocco lies the Canary Islands. There are seven in total. Discover volcanic sands, geological wonders, and even observatories.

Canary Islands, Spain
Canary Islands, Spain

A Trip to Disney World

Cost: $3,600

That's your hotel stay, food, and theme park passes for a family of four. That's right, you and your family can make it a truly magical time.

Travel to Sin City

Cost: $1,500

There's more to Vegas than gambling. The city of excess has incredible nightlife, world-renowned food, and shows, as well as outdoor adventures. If you want to have a really good time, leave the kids at home.

Splurge on a Cruise

Cost: $2,000-$4,000 per person

See the world in style aboard a luxurious cruise ship. Many packages include meals, entertainment, and stops at beautiful destinations.

Lattes to Luxuries

Now, let's consider everyday purchases and see how they stack up against the Vision Pro's price tag.

Gastronomic Delights

Check out the abundance of delicious options available for $3,499.

Products for Apple Vision Pro

Digital Luxuries

  • Netflix: Stream for about 29 years with a basic subscription.
  • Spotify: Jam out for approximately 26.5 years on premium.

Beauty Treatments

Indulge in self-care multiple times over:

  • Manicures: Refresh those nails 87 times.
  • Haircuts: Stay sharp with 77 hairdo sessions.
  • Eyelashes: Bat perfection with 29 eyelash extensions.

The Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro

Apple has always been at the forefront of innovation, and the Vision Pro is a testament to that legacy. The device is a powerhouse, boasting cutting-edge features designed to cater to those ready for the next leap in blending the digital world with reality. It has two high-res cameras, six tracking cameras, four eye-tracking cameras, and more sensors than a new Honda.


In appearance, it’s similar to a Meta Quest. It comes with three hard drive options: 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB. The display is a 3D 23 million pixel system with up to 30 fps in playback. It connects to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Pros and Cons

If you love everything Apple and want a headset, you’ll want this. It’ll connect to streaming services, Apps, your iPhone, your Macbook, and anything else that’s Apple.

Cons? The battery life is only about 2 hours long. So if you plan to watch a movie or do some work, it better be a short work day or film. The second biggest con is the price tag. It’s a small fortune for most people.

If you prefer Google products or don’t have the money, there is other tech out there that can do similar things at a fraction of the cost.


$3,499 for the base model. Financing is available. 

What Will You Choose?

Technology is tempting. And though the Apple Vision Pro is undoubtedly a marvel of modern ingenuity, $3,499 can go a long way in creating unforgettable experiences and practical indulgences. 

Whether you opt for travel, personal care, everyday pleasures, or digital content, find what truly enriches your life. You can always make more money. But you only live once.

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